Combining the fabulous Cyclades experience with an Italian touch.

The successful all-day restaurant from Athens, is now open in the island of the winds.

With the finest Italian products and fresh local materials, we make your Mykonos experience even more unique!

Coffee & Brunch

With a stunning view of Delos across the sea, enjoy your breakfast along with a fresh brewed espresso. If you’re in a hurry, grab your brunch on the fly while heading to the gold-sanded beaches.

All day menu
Brunch and breakfast - Serving suggestion
Mykonos cafe and brunch outdoor
Aperitivo Bar, pouring your favourite P31
Signature Frati Cocktails in our outdoor bar

Aperitivo & Wine Bar

A comfortable bar invites you for an aperitivo in the afternoon, and a relaxed drink in the evening. Later on, unique events complements your Frati experience, while a beautiful view with colours and fragrances pleasantly travel you across the Mediterranean, to your beloved Italy.

Wine menu
Cocktails & aperitivo menu

Restaurant & Deli

A straight-forward yet progressive à la carte menu, drawn from Italian culinary influences and international trends. Fresh and locally-sourced products are on our daily procurements, with premium elements from around the world. Complete your experience by visiting the most complete delicatessen on the island. A Mediterranean blend, under the Mykonian night sky.

Restaurant menu
Pasta and pizza, chef prepares your dinner.
Deli with authentic Parmesan and prosciutto crudo.


Open-air dining is available, providing a stunning view of the Aegean sea while an Italian-style indoor completes the customers’ options. We encourage booking in advance.

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